sábado, 3 de julho de 2021

Groove Mix 631 Modern RB - [by blackmary]02072021

Groove Mix 631 Modern RB - [by blackmary]02072021


Sam Wills - Hold Tight 

Davante Thornton feat Ace - Closer 

The Bruce Gardner Experience - You

Omar - I Don´t Mind the Waiting

Sound of Superbad ft. Robert Imtume Owens- Vibration 

TERRY - Wayback Remix 

Will Downing - Stand Up 

Reel People - Fly 

Lamone - Born To Be a King 

Raymond Barton feat. Nolo Live - The Way To Your Heart

Petawane & Alura - Lovers Dream (Original Mix)

MS1 Project feat Jerome Vintage Start Me Up

Diane Marsh - I'm Taken (I'm Spoken For) 

Canita - I Want You

Tracy Cruz -Your Love’s Everything 

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